“Are you feeling disconnected, trapped, stuck, unsure of your next step?”

“Do you long to create your own vision for your life, instead of following someone else’s?”

“Would you love to see opportunities instead of obstacles and find joy in the everyday?”

I invite you to reconnect to the power within.

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“All that the human experience is about is the journey towards wholeness."

Welcome to my website and my world! My passion and greatest joy are to empower people to become active participants in their lives, as opposed to passive bystanders. I thrive in helping people become the best versions of themselves.

We all have the power within us to create our own lives. When we understand the basic principles of how life operates, and we begin to work with it instead of against it – going with the flow instead of fighting it – the magic starts to happen. 

Life today often makes us feel overwhelmed and disempowered. But life was never meant to be a struggle! My work assists people to reconnect with their inner power through a variety of techniques, all of which are taught at workshops, courses and retreats as well as through readings, personal guidance, writing and speaking.

We shouldn’t always be looking for some future happiness. We shouldn’t be living in the “if only’s” and the “what if’s”. Life is meant to be lived – now, in this moment and from the heart! To do this, we only need to do one thing – start being consciously aware of our thoughts and the choices we make.

Want to find out more on how you can live a full, happy and serene life? Stay awhile and have a look. Not quite sure if we are the right fit? Have some questions about what I do? Book a 30min Discovery Call so we can chat more.

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Hello, it’s nice to meet you

I am Di Atherton.


Enjoy the peace and beauty of nature.


Gain clarity and insight to take the next step.


Get in tune with your authentic self.

Personal development is no walk in the park, but it certainly is worth every step.  

There is nothing more rewarding than developing ourselves and our skills in our quest to live our best lives and reconnect with our inner power. As a growth and life skills facilitator, I am passionate about teaching people on how to implement simple tools into their daily routines so to live an empowered life. 


What I can help you achieve

I am devoted to helping individuals reconnect with the Power Within (which is the foundation of all my work) with the various resources taught at my workshops, personalised retreats and counselling sessions.

Other Specialised Services

* Youth Communication Skills & Personal Development Courses
* Motivational Speaking

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The Power Within Workshop is a unique, one-day workshop that was developed to help individuals access their inner tools and strengths. It encourages participants to shape their own lives by awakening their inner power. The teachings of this workshop are so profound that they’ve been hailed across the country after one such workshop was featured on SABC2’s Hosanna program.


The personalised, individual retreats I present allow participants to listen to the nudging’s of their heart in a tranquil, non-judgemental, serene environment. There are several types of retreat packages available, namely half day, full day and weekend retreats with all options, offering life skills facilitation and mentoring. 


Working with people is one of my greatest joys, and my mentoring sessions include life guidance lessons. I help people to see opportunities instead of obstacles. Individual and group mentoring is done either as one-on-one sessions or via Zoom, phone or email.

My career as a growth and personal development facilitator has allowed me to interact with people from all sectors of life as a guest speaker for the following organisations:

SABC Women’s Day event
ABSA Women’s Day event
Honey Jewellery event
Old Mutual event
Uplands College event
Penryn College Ladies Tea
Guardian Angels Annual Conference
Baroque Hair Studio Pamper event
SA Council of Business Women functions
Spar Distribution Wellness Month events
Curro School, Witbank fundraiser
Lowveld Living Wellness Day

Why a Retreat?

Sometimes we just need to take a step away from the fast pace of life so we can catch our breath. Think. Reflect. Introspect. I create a sacred and safe space for you to do just that. Maybe you just need some space in order to take stock of your life, take a look at your own needs and wants. Or you need a sounding board or guidance to get clarity on where you are and where you may be headed. Perhaps a healing energy session, creating a vision board, journalling or just enjoying the peace and beauty of nature while I hold the space is what is required.

What They’re Saying

I looked for clarity and I found it amongst many other things. There were many ,many epiphany moments. I found the workshop truly blissful in a loving space. I could safely and supportively explore my fears and let go of them. The discussion with others is extremely therapeutic

Old Joe’s Kaia Women’s RetreatNaomi S

Thank you for empowering and mentoring us. Please continue to be an inspiration and to mentor and empower young people to change their lives

Youth RetreatXolani

Thank you for your sharing your gifts and for a great weekend that has refreshed my attitude to life and reminded me of all our connectedness

Old Joe’ Kaia “The Practice of Happiness” RetreatKate

With little insight into my thoughts or the deeps space of emotional and mental processes I am currently going through, Di sent me through a reading which hit at the core of my life journey. Di is not only intuitively accurate in her readings but compassionate in the messaging



CourageFood For ThoughtGriefGrowthLife journeys
June 23, 2021

The Allowing of Grief

Grief forces us to feel. It’s raw and messy and painful. It involves some seriously ugly cries. Even wailing. The bereaved. Grief-stricken. In mourning. We are all familiar with these words, all relevant to the process of loss. But we are usually completely unprepared when those words pertain to us. We have no cooking clue as to the depth of…
AdventureCourageFood For ThoughtLife journeys
April 23, 2021

Ocean Journeys

But as I sat there, pondering this, I realised that in fact I am on my own adventure. Slowly leaving behind the land I’ve known, all that was familiar. Mine has been a slow journey over many months. To be honest I am still not 100% sure of the destination. On Sunday 18th April 2021 my youngest stepson and his…
Food For ThoughtGrief
March 19, 2021

Being In The Lost And The Loss

The ONLY way to deal with emotions is to BE in them. Be in the lost and the loss. Admit you don’t know the answer or the way forward. That you are afraid, overwhelmed, angry. I recently returned from a weekend retreat where the overriding theme was around loss and grief. It wasn’t the intended theme, but the facilitator simply…
Wisdom |  Clarity |  Support

What I have found is that people do not always have the time or resources to book a half day or full day retreat. I also discovered that in spite of my having a variety of tools available for them, most of the time they tuck up on one of my gorgeous purple velvet chairs and talk!

When we are feeling stuck, lost or needing to get clarity on the next step of our journey, we often don’t find the neutral space (and ear) to work through challenges. We want a safe space where we can brainstorm, or talk, knowing we will not be judged or have advice thrown at us.

My Purple Chair Chats do just that! These are 60 – 90 minute sessions where I hold the space and create a thinking environment for you to gain clarity on the next step of your journey, or work through a challenge, or brainstorm some business ideas. I help you tap into your own inner wisdom, reconnect to that power within so you can make the right choices to move forward.

The chat can be face-to-face or virtual.

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