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Over recent weeks I have heard about several people facing life-threatening and terminal illnesses with the most horrific physical symptoms and pain. Pain so bad that not even heavy doses of morphine have done much to alleviate it.

It’s heart-breaking to see another human being suffer so as well as witness the emotional strain on their loved ones. I began to wonder why a soul would put themselves through so much physical suffering. Please note I said soul, not person. Nobody wants to deliberately suffer. But I know we make certain choices when we come to this planet. (That’s a whole other subject on its own, one that probably needs a face-to-face conversation and a big glass of wine!)

I don’t yet fully understand this journey through life, but sitting with this question and the deep emotions it brought up in me, led me to reaching out to a wise , very intuitive friend and spiritual teacher for some guidance. Unbeknown to me, she had in fact lost someone very close to her late in 2022. Her friend had finally succumbed to cancer after two horrific months of extreme physical pain and suffering which had been devastating to those who loved her and had to stand by helplessly.

My friend sent me a screenshot of the front cover of Dr Joe Dispenza’s book “You are the Placebo: Making your Mind Matter”. “Read this” she said. “It will blow your mind”. And it did! What I love about Dispenza is that he explains the science behind what happens in our bodies, and the work he does in a way even I can understand. All around neural pathways, neural networks, brain waves, epigenetics, cell receptors. Normally this kind of topic would cause my eyes to glaze over but the way Dr Joe explains it makes perfect sense to me. Basically what it boils down to is that our experiences, beliefs,  thoughts and memories  (all held in the body) and also the stress our bodies and minds are under almost all the time, have a MAJOR impact on our health and well-being. The case studies he documents in the book and the recovery when individuals started taking responsibility for their own healing journey are mind-blowing.

What a fascinating journey!

I couldn't put the book down and it began to all make more sense. Why it is that there is so much serious illness around us.

I began to understand how incredibly complex and amazing these bodies of ours are – and how badly we tend to treat them. What became clear to me is that our body has its own consciousness, as well as the power to heal itself. The problem comes in when we immediately hand our power over to those we perceive to be “experts”. Take the experience of a friend of mine – it took 8 months for her to convince medical professionals there was something seriously amiss in her body for them to finally diagnose breast cancer, and it was only because she nagged and persisted and made a complete nuisance of herself! She shared how even when tests kept coming back negative, she had this innate knowing something was wrong. This persistence saved her life. How many of us accept what we are told without question, even when we know deep within ourselves that all is not as it should be with our health? We would rather ignore the signs and inner warnings our body is giving us, often to our detriment. Instead we prefer to believe what we are told.

What I have learnt is that we DO have the power to heal. I am not saying it’s a simple case of saying a few affirmations and thinking positive thoughts. It takes consistent effort and a deep dive into your own consciousness and body, as he explains in the book. But you certainly CAN take control of your health and wellness.

There is more and more research being done around this subject and it is one I am being drawn to investigating further, in my work as a Reiki practitioner and healer, working with people as I do on a soul-level and helping them understand why illness may be showing up in their lives. What a fascinating journey!

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