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“The only constant in life is change”- Heraclitus

(A Greek Philosopher in case you were wondering)

The time of Corona, or Covid-19 as it is more commonly known is a time of massive change and upheaval. A virus that has managed to shut down entire countries across the globe and has developed a monstrous, fearful reputation. An unseen enemy that, even now, after all these months, we are not really sure about. Myths, rumours and conspiracy theories blur truth and we don’t know who or what to believe. Lockdown, isolation, quarantine are the new buzz words. Face masks or plastic shields the new fashion accessory. Hand sanitizer and having your temperature checked are the new entry requirements at every store and public space, along with social distancing.

Change has been forced on us whether we like it or not. 

Change that is scary and unsettling and has thrown many lives into turmoil. Don’t kid yourself this is our new normal. It isn’t. We don’t know what that is yet, what it will look like. The normal we once had, has vanished. Where we are now is a time of transition, of change. It’s very fluid and dynamic and changes so quickly sometimes it’s hard to keep up.

It doesn’t sit well with us humans who like what is familiar and known. Who get comfortable with routines and structures. What is happening now makes us feel like we are no longer in control. Not only that, but Covid-19 has completely obliterated many plans and dreams, as well as livelihoods and businesses. I am pretty sure that for many people 2020 is turning out to be way different than what was planned as we celebrated and welcomed in a new decade back in December.

Since lockdown began, I have referred to it as “interesting times”. That’s how I choose to see it. Interesting. By seeing them as interesting, I am able to keep my thoughts about it all fairly neutral. Changes have been forced on me I wasn’t particularly happy with. Not being able to see my Mum at the old age home for the past 9 weeks. Forbidden to buy a bottle of good red wine so that I can enjoy a glass at night with dinner as the chill of winter approaches. Certain items not being sold at supermarket as they are classed as “non-essential”. Many rules made no sense.

The thing is, these are rules I can do little about. It is what it is. So, there is little point in me fretting and stressing about it, or having a public rant on social media because the only person whose equilibrium gets disturbed is mine. These are changes that, for now, I need to make peace with, or at least be neutral about. That in itself is a challenge.

Then I wonder – do we want to go “back” to the way things were? Just as the caterpillar disappears into the gloop to be completely transformed as a butterfly, can we trust the process that is unfolding for us? The caterpillar doesn’t have a choice, it has to follow its instincts. We on the other hand do. We can choose how we are going to face these massive changes being thrown at us. We can allow. Or we can resist. In the resistance we will meet pain and struggle, and the person suffering the most will be ourselves. The choice is always ours.

I have just watched a TED Talk by Dewitt Jones, photographer with National Geographic, “Celebrate What’s Right With The World”

It’s a beautiful reminder that changing our perspective makes the world a little less scary. There is a different way to deal with all the changes we are currently facing. A calmer, more grounded way. It takes focus and discipline, but it can be done.

What if we stopped resisting the change and instead opened to it? What if this whole period of transformation, massive upheaval and change is opening the door to a whole new way of being?

The reality is nothing stays the same. Life is in constant motion, changing, moving, vibrating, morphing. Seasons change, we change, the planet changes. The only constant is change.

What if the changes that were happening were setting you on a whole new path? Forcing you to let go of what no longer served, what was old, out-dated, past sell by date?

What if you could begin to focus on opportunities instead of obstacles?

What if……………?

Di Atherton

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  • This is wonderful. I really believe in transformation and at the same time adapting to what seems to be right. As you have said, “Celebrate What’s Right With The World.” This is powerful

    • Di Atherton says:

      Thank you McClintock. Sometimes it is a challenge to focus on the positive with so much going on, but I have to believe that everything is happening as it should and that everyone is where they need to be.

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