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Sometimes we cannot see the wood for the trees. There is so much going on it’s hard to gain any kind of clarity. My powerful Life Guidance readings consist of 3 parts:

  1. An intuitive reading where I connect to your energy bodies/guides/higher self and simply write or draw what I see/feel/hear without interpretation or judgement.
  2. A full Tarot life spread
  3. Additional cards are then drawn from at least 3 separate decks
  4. An overview/summary is then done
  5. I include a look at your current Numerology personal year, to give you an idea of the energy of the year and how it is showing up for you.

The entire reading is then typed up and emailed to you as it is a lot of information to integrate. Often additional information comes through as I prepare the reading. If the client lives in the Lowveld, an additional “coffee chat” is included in the cost, where we can meet face-to-face (client buys the coffee 🙂 ) or else via telephone call or email. This is to talk through any aspects of the reading you may not understand. It is not a coaching session.

I have found these to be powerful readings, not fortune telling, but true, heart-centered guidance to help move forward.


“Have just gone through; the reading and it made me really emotional because it was all so true. It was intense to read in writing how I feel deep down. Thank you so much. I got a lot of clarity from the reading” – Testimonial – Bonge

“I asked Di to do a reading to help me find some guidance and direction. Not only did her reading provide me with the clarity I was looking for, but I also found the reading to be very true and accurate to my situation. It really helped me make decisions and understand more about myself. As I do not live nearby the reading was emailed to me and while it contained lots of information and detail, I found it easy to understand and the messages were conveyed very clearly. I found Di’s reading to be extremely helpful and I would highly recommend her!” – Testimonial – Abby

“With little insight into my thoughts or the deeps space of emotional and mental processes I am currently going through, Di sent me through a reading which hit at the core of my life journey. Di is not only intuitively accurate in her readings but compassionate in the messaging.” Jodene

“Thank you for my reading was very well done and easy to understand. It contained lots of wisdom and lots of information for me to think about.

There were a few things that had already happened and were confirmations for me. And I am now looking forward to the rest playing out.” Carol

“The reading from Di was very interesting and hit the nail on the head in several areas. It also made me think about my life and how others see me. Some of it I didn’t understand initially but Di was ready and willing to answer my questions and explain. Thought provoking, definitely” Ruth