I encourage you to visit the links on my website. Some of these women have been amazing teachers and mentors in my life, I would be half the person I am without their support and input and I would like to share a bit of the story with you ….all of them have in some way shaped/contributed to my life and this is my way of saying – “love you doll – and thanks for everything”. (PS You can find all of them on Facebook as well)

Divine Space

My path crossed with that of Penni Du Plessis, founder of Divine Space and the beautiful Oils and Sprays of Transformation in the late 1990’s. Much of my own growth and spiritual development has been as a result of Penni’s work and she in turn introduced me to Pat Angove of New Gaia Network. There are a few people on this planet from whom I have no secrets and Penni is one of them. (Ok, most of the others are also on this page) Penni’s amazing Antaneea Therapy together with the Oils of Transformation have helped me to clear blockages and “stuff”. “Stuff”  is what we insist on hanging onto – the “he said, she did, it’s not fair…” stuff. “Stuff” holds us back from being true to who and what we are, of living fully in our lives, embracing change and challenge. Since Penni moved to Gauteng we don’t see each other nearly enough but when we do, it’s as though time falls away and we just pick up where we left off last time. Penni’s forte is colour healing and therapy – check out her website for information on her work and the wonderful courses she offers.  While being a gentle, loving but powerful healer, therapist and teacher,  Penni has a great sense of fun and the naughtiest emails I receive are generally from her! (Who said being spiritual had to be serious!)

New Gaia Net

It was through Penni that I met Pat Angove and it was at one of Pat’s workshops in 2000 that I finally laid to rest my “stuff” with my parents. Towards the end of that day Pat looked straight at me and asked “so when are you going to start the work that you came here to do?” “Oh, um soon” I replied in a quavery voice. Yes, it has taken me a while I know. Pat is a gifted psychic, channel, healer and teacher and works with Gaia (Earth) travelling to Europe and South Africa regularly. Pat’s workshops are powerful spaces for healing and Pat gets straight to the heart of the issue with love, compassion and a good dose of humour. (Clearly I am attracting the fun-loving healers into my life) She has certainly seen me looking my worst! Just as Kleenex love me as a client, they must certainly love Pat’s workshops as we go through plenty of tissues (in case you are wondering, tears are healing!)  I was blessed to be able to do Pat & Aloha’s Sacred Sites Tour to Cornwall in 2006 and even my husband’s emergency bypass op 10 days beforehand couldn’t stop me going! I love Pat’s work, have participated in loads of her workshops and I have organized several of Pat’s tours to the Lowveld over recent years. Our friendship deepened and although Pat is based in the UK, we like nothing better than catching up over a good dinner and a glass of wine.


OK So Melody (Mel to her friends) Tomlinson is a local lass and my life coach. I was her first client. Funnily enough we had met on a workshop (yup, I was a bit of a workshop junkie in those days!) in 2004 facilitated by the late Renee Prinsloo and then went our separate ways. I bumped into Mel  at a Circle of Light breakfast some years later and boy, what a transformation – I hardly recognised her. This confident, stylish, poised woman gave me her card and told me she had qualified as a life and executive business coach (a rare creature in my part of the world in those days) and later the same day I phoned her to make an appointment. (I love the story she tells of how nervous SHE was of coaching me, Di Atherton!) I know I would never even be writing for my own website if it wasn’t for Mel’s gentle but firm encouragement. Mel has kept me grounded and real with her practical take on life. She has an uncanny knack of digging out the root cause of an issue or a problem – often something entirely different than what you went to see her about!!! She helps you to believe in yourself and the possibilities that exist for you – she makes the dream real. I make sure I touch base with Mel regularly on my path to fame, success and fortune – she is my number one fan and cheerleader and I know with her on my side I can only succeed!

Circle of Light

The Lowveld’s own Mind/Body/Spirit website. I started the Circle of Light in 2002 as a loose network and database of people interested in the holistic/the esoteric  and OK, the weird! After leading the way for several years, I felt it was time for a change and needed new enthusiasm and it is now very ably run by Wendy Du Plessis who will upgrading the website soon. We have a shared goal of not only expanding the consciousness of the Lowveld but also uplifting and empowering people to feel better about themselves and the world they live in.

Angela Deutschmann

I attended Angela’s Embody workshop in 2010 and it changed forever the way I view my body. Angela is a powerful workshop facilitator and conscious channel and does some amazing work in her Shadow, Joy Map and Embody workshops, all of which I have personally experienced together with private readings. Based in Gauteng, Angela travels to the Lowveld, Durban and Cape Town regularly.

All of these women have and still do play an important part in my life. Long may it last!

Some other links of interest, including well know metaphysical teachers and authors who have made powerful impacts on my life through their books and audio CDs.

Dr Wayne Dyer

Known as the Father of Inspiration – definitely mine!

Joan Borysenko

Joan has been one of my greatest inspirations in terms of my work with women and my retreats for women.

John Demartini

Author of The Gratitude Effect and How to Make a Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven and many more books.

Geneen Roth

Her book Women Food & God is a must for any women struggling with weight, diet and body issues (is there a woman out there who isn’t????)

Mindful Marketing

Donna James-Jansen is the gentle brainchild behind Mindful Marketing. It you want to take yourself and your business seriously, you need a good marketing agent who will push you to promote yourself and your work!