I don’t want to sound like a Grinch, but I don’t really do the whole festive season thing. Each year it seems to get more crazy, more stressful as we go into a frenzy of shopping (buying 40 litres of milk “in case” we run out over the Christmas weekend, even though just about every major supermarket is open every day), eating, drinking, rushing off to holiday and down time and then groaning when we return to “real life”. (Have never quite understood the last one – when is your life not ‘real’?) Don’t understand either the need to get together before Christmas, when we have had 364 other, less frenetic days and weeks, to do this. It’s beginning to feel like the festive season is the run up to Armageddon, like the “last days”. Of course it isn’t. Then as new year approaches we get the “bring on 2017, I’m ready. I’m leaving all that crap behind me. So long 2016, I’m done with you!”



But as the days of January unfold, it dawns on us that this isn’t a magical Nirvana where all problems miraculously disappeared in a puff of smoke – along with the hefty credit card bills – at midnight on the 31st December. In fact it really is more of the “same old same old”.

Maybe it’s an age thing but somehow the magic that is Christmas, the putting up of decorations, the family gatherings, the special feel of Christmas Eve, has been lost in the October shopping mall decorations, piped Christmas carols everywhere, FB posts of perfectly posed families happily smiling out from timelines wishing all and sundry “Happy Holidays”, which has now surpassed the e-Christmas card. Let’s not even start about dropping Merry Christmas for Happy Holidays! We kept it very quiet and it was just the way I like it. Time to reflect on the year that has passed. The positives, the challenges, the special moments. the Grief, the Grace, the Gratitude and the Growth. I closed out 2016 using Heather Plett’s A Soulful Year Mandala workbook. Because 2016 was a “9” year and on top of that at the end of a 9-year cycle, I didn’t even think about 2017 until the 1st Jan. Wasn’t even sure where my new 2017 diary was. Several days later I find myself still in a state of being. Partially brought about by some niggly health issues that I have been ignoring but which now demand my attention but also because I am, I have realized, grown weary of the “doing”. Of the demands made on me. Of putting other people’s needs first. It took a while to realize the depth of my tiredness. I am sure many of us are feeling that same tiredness. The same weariness of spirit. We SHOULD be feeling like we are raring to go, ready to hit the ground running, but if we are really honest with ourselves……….?

I wonder if that weariness of spirit is down to the fact that we are finding 2017 more of the same? If that’s true for you, what changes do you need to make? I know I am loving spending time thinking about what I really, really want for myself this year. I am beginning to acknowledge parts of myself that I have ignored and also what really does not bring me joy. What I need to let go of. That’s not always easy especially when it means having to let other people down, but if there is one thing I know for sure about 2017 it’s that I need to be true to myself, and right now I am blessed with the gift of not having to rush into anything.

So here’s wishing you a 2017 filled with peace, may it be all that you want it to be and may you be true to YOU.













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