About Di

”All that the human experience is about, is the journey towards wholeness”

For many years I have had a deep fascination with the mind/body/spirit connection. Why we function the way we do, what makes us tick, why we react to certain situations and triggers. I am a voracious reader and books by some of our greatest “self help” and metaphysical teachers, Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr John De Martini, Robin Sharma, Martha Beck and Caroline Myss helped shape my life. It was the book Mind Power by John Kehoe that really opened my eyes to how our thoughts and words create our reality and how we really are the “captains of our ship”.

It was only when I moved to the Lowveld in 1996 from Johannesburg that my interest in the mind, body, spirit connection really developed. It was as though the relaxed lifestyle, fresh air and being in nature unlocked a door within me. Living on a beautiful farm outside White River, close to Kruger National Park to open a B&B and then after closing the B&B in 2001, (another one of those stepping stones which, when I look back, I realize was all part of the journey) I still live on the farm with my husband and a miscellany of dogs and cats.  I also became an Usui Reiki Master in 2002, yet another step on that journey as I wanted to know more about the energies of our bodies and how it was all connected. As I progressed  I reached a deeper understanding of how I show up in the world, and I wanted to support others on their own paths.

My greatest passions are sharing with others the simple tools to create a “FAB” Life (Flow~Authentic~Balance) and to support people in living life from a heart-centered space. Empowering and motivating people to become active participants as opposed to passive bystanders in their lives. Reconnecting with the Power Within, which is the foundation of all my work.

The Power Within workshop is a unique, one-day workshop that I developed, which assists individuals to access their own inner tools and strengths to begin to shape their lives. Over time I have broken this down into various modules which I utilize in my one-on-one mentoring and life guidance sessions.

A trained Lifeline counsellor and qualified Toastmaster, my work now includes other personal development and growth workshops. I am also available as a motivational speaker.  I draw from my own life experiences as well as from what I have learnt through reading and everything I share in my workshops and talks I try and incorporate into my own life (not always successfully I might add!)

Working with people one-on-one or in small groups is one of my greatest joys and I offer mentoring and life guidance sessions.

In 2005 I was a founder member of the Inkhululeko Organization together with 2 friends, which offered empowerment workshops and personal development courses, including public speaking courses to the previously disadvantaged communities.  I offer Youth Communication Skills & Personal Development courses for black youth.

As the year 2014 dawned, I set the intention that I wanted to make a difference to the future of South Africa and I began mentoring a small group of black youth in the township Kabokweni near White River. The youth are the future and many of them are victims of their circumstances and believe they have no chance of success or achieving their goals in life. Meeting regularly, I teach them life skills and also assist them with developing business plans. I am currently working on developing a formal entrepreneurial/life skills workshops in order to reach even more young people. In 2015 I joined Protec Saturday School, an NGO that offers extra lessons in Maths, Science and English for high school learners Grades 10-12 and I get to tutor them in life skills which I absolutely love. I offer Retreats at my beautiful home, allowing participants space to breathe, reconnect with nature and themselves.

With a love of reading, writing, cooking, spending time with friends, fine wine, French champagne, good quality chocolate, afternoon naps, being in the bush and bird watching I am continually working on my own self actualization. I seek to find balance in life and to live in flow, at the same time making a difference in the lives of others. I am driven to teach others that they have all the tools within themselves to create an empowered life. My journey continues to unfold as I aspire to be the best “Di” I can be! At the same time assisting people to connect with their inner unlimited potential – their own “Power Within.”

I have been a guest speaker for the following organizations:

SABC Women’s Day Event

ABSA Women’s Day Event

Honey Jewellery

Old Mutual

Uplands College

Penryn College Ladies Tea (Matric fundraiser)

Guardian Angels Annual Conference 2014

Baroque Hair Studio Pamper event for ladies

SA Council of Business Women

Spar Distribution Wellness month events

My Power Within workshop was featured on SABC2’s Hosanna program.

Curro School, Witbank fundraiser


Di Atherton