Women’s Weekend Retreats

I first started running “Self Nurturing Weekends for Women” way back in 2000 when I still owned my B&B and I read an article in a UK women’s magazine entitled “I Mommy the Mommies” about a woman who owned a B&B and offered women the opportunity to get away and enjoy some “Me” time (a rare luxury these days for most of us!) I loved the idea of giving women a weekend away where they have the opportunity to take some time for themselves, time to focus on their dreams, their needs, their wants, while someone else takes care of the cooking and cleaning!

I now run these Retreats (on request) for small groups of women (maximum 10) at beautiful venues around the country. I create a sacred and safe space for the participants to take a look at their own needs and wants. The structure of the Retreat is flexible and depends on the needs of the group. However it definitely includes time for rest and relaxation – much needed in most women’s busy lives! Trough a series of gentle processes and sharing participants leave renewed and refreshed, with clarity and insight into the next step of their journey.

I do offer these Retreats around the country, so if you have a group of ladies interested in your area, please contact me. I recently expanded my work and am now co-facilitating retreats with Andrea Matthews, a wonderful teacher of A Course in Miracles and she brings a whole new depth to the retreats. “The Practice of Happiness” looks at our blocks to happiness and explores the tools we can use to begin to create daily happiness in our lives, even in the most challenging of situations.



“I left feeling uplifted, nurtured, relaxed and fulfilled. It is so special to work with other women as we venture through our challenges in life. Coming together like this completely transforms us and we walked away feeling supported and understood. Thank you Di for holding the energy and facilitating this in a very safe, beautiful and meaningful way.”
Diana K

“I enjoyed the lack of hectic format. It was laid back, chilled yet effective. The environment and pampering was perfect. The connectedness of the special bunch of ladies was wonderful” Marina B

“I looked for clarity and I found it amongst many other things. There were many ,many epiphany moments. I found the workshop truly blissful in a loving space. I could safely and supportively explore my fears and let go of them. The discussion with others is extremely therapeutic.” Naomi S

“I loved the balance of “Me” time and group time. Thank you Di for empowering me. I learnt that by being still and just being, all that is necessary will come to me”. Renata S

“I forgot that I am a Soul. The highlight of the Retreat was the letting go moment and that I am a free Soul! Di, it is divine what you are doing. The Retreat surpassed my expectations. I am grateful!” Anny K

“This experience spoke to my heart all the way. Building, standing tall, finding me. It is perfect. The Retreat totally met my expectations” Millie W

6 – 8 March 2015 Old Joe’ Kaia “The Practice of Happiness” Retreat

“First and foremost thank you and Andrea so much for a wonderful and inspiring workshop. Loved the fact that we all interacted so well with each other.
May you make a difference to lots more people in your future workshops/retreats. You are both doing a wonderful job and in such a non-threatening and friendly way.” VALDA
Thank you for your sharing your gifts and for a great weekend that has refreshed my attitude to life and reminded me of all our connectedness.” KATE
“Thank you to Andrea and yourself for facilitating this beautiful weekend. I am far more at peace, I understand I have a rather long journey to make but the weekend really supported the efforts I am trying to make regarding my spiritual growth. The group was also very supportive. I not only enjoyed the well run and amazingly insightful workshop but also the beautiful environment, home from home and food at Old Joe’s and on Sunday heading back to Johannesburg I felt I had started to recharge my batteries.”Gilynne