This morning I was watching a news insert on the ANC Youth League on E News – their elections are coming up. Rewind to the 50s’ when the Mandelas/Mbeksi/Sisulus and other young bloods of the ANCYL were passionate and commited to a cause – to liberate South Africa and create a free and fair democracy […]


I hate being sick. I know that the times I get REALLY sick (like now) my body is sending me a very strong message. My fifth day in bed. But sometimes you just have to surrender to the reality of what is instead of raging against it. It seems I am not as healthy as […]


I smell rebellion in the air. Women are rebelling at the mundaneness of everyday life. At how their wildness and free spirits have been chained and curbed and lost under a deluge of “to-do” lists, grocery lists and evening meals (who did decide that we were put on this earth to cook and clean for […]

Sacred Space

Every woman should have a special space in her home. No matter how tiny, she has to have it. No discussion. No “yes but”. The end of a bookcase, a small round table. If she is really lucky, a whole room. Mine is an oak desk. We bought it years ago with our round dining […]

Family Life

Have just returned from visitng my Mum, sister and niece down in Hermanus. We spent a hilarious afternoon going through old photos and albums including Mum’s wedding album. You tend to forget that your parents were young and glamorous once, that they had a life outside being your Mum and Dad. Dad looked so dashing […]

Creating my Reality

My beautiful dog Bella, one of five that we own, sleeps inside these days due to a degenerative hip problem that worsens as she gets older. She is very good about waking me in the night when she needs to go outside for a pee, luckily usually only once in the night! Recently my hubby […]


The Easter weekend has come and gone. How the days fly! As I write this thousands are heading home after time away although we have another long weekend coming up and then a bit of a drought in terms of days off. The Royal Wedding adds its own excitement to this week – only the […]