My goodness, where does the time go? Is it really July since I “blogged”. I have committed the cardinal sin (so say the experts) of not keeping my Blog up to date 🙁 The past 5 months have been something of a blur – so much to do, so little time!! Do you sometimes feel you want to reach out and just catch hold of time, the way you grab for the string of a balloon as it drifts through your fingers, to stop it? Time is like that – it stretches out in front of you, endless, eternal then in the blink of eye it telescopes into the tiniest bite. Life is unpredictable and, quite honestly, a bit crazy sometimes. We certainly live in interesting times! I love the Internet and all it offers us but sometimes it does feel like information overload. I am very blessed to work from home, a beautiful space indeed, and I am trying very hard to spend some time, even if it is just five or ten minutes a day, just looking at the garden. Am keen to do a silent retreat next year, time to stop putting off all those things that keep me grounded and centered! Why or why do they always end up at the back of my “to-do” list while I occupy myself with the unimportant “stuff”. I yearn for simplicity and stillness and by Jove, I am going to get it!!!!! A dear friend who has survived two bouts with cancer and was recently declared cancer free, was involved in a serious car accident a few days ago and is now being kept sedated with bleeding on the brain and multiple fractures. Life is so precious, human existence so fragile, Live Life Now!

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