I smell rebellion in the air. Women are rebelling at the mundaneness of everyday life. At how their wildness and free spirits have been chained and curbed and lost under a deluge of “to-do” lists, grocery lists and evening meals (who did decide that we were put on this earth to cook and clean for others?) They yearn to be whisked away on a golden steed preferably by a golden boy who would feed them Belgian chocolate and pink Moet Chandon. He would declare how he adored them, would pander to their every whim and expect NOTHING in return (not even sex if they were not of the mind for it). However if he was golden and gorgeous perhaps some long distant memory would stir DOWN THERE – who knew! They would lie under cool palm trees watching an endless turquoise sea with soft white sand and cold exotic drinks (with pink umbrellas of course), dreaming their dreams and watching mermaids and dolphins play. When the mood takes them they would plunge into the cool blue waters and discover hidden worlds, where octopus wave from dark caves as they drift by. They would catch tides with turtles and the sun would be shining down through the water, shafts of silvery light dancing amongst the turquoise current; sparkles of light that catch the eye. Lazy whales wink as they float by, their song echoing through the ocean.
(I wrote this after several emails with a friend of mine, where we were bemoaning the fact that the daily routines of life, especially married life, impinge on our desire to be fabulous and creative.)

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