I think it is safe to say that many people are going through extremely challenging times. For me, it feels like a collective “dark night of the soul”. All around me I am hearing tales of woe. Finances stretched to the limit, health problems, emotional issues, sadness, grief. It is taking every ounce of inner […]


Well here we are doll, the (almost) end of what has been a turbulent, fast moving, fairly hectic year for most people. The world as we know it is changing moment by moment. Mother Nature is flexing her muscles and showing us all too clearly who rules!  Life is fragile, uncertain and changes forever in a heartbeat. My […]


My goodness, where does the time go? Is it really July since I “blogged”. I have committed the cardinal sin (so say the experts) of not keeping my Blog up to date 🙁 The past 5 months have been something of a blur – so much to do, so little time!! Do you sometimes feel […]

Creating my Reality

My beautiful dog Bella, one of five that we own, sleeps inside these days due to a degenerative hip problem that worsens as she gets older. She is very good about waking me in the night when she needs to go outside for a pee, luckily usually only once in the night! Recently my hubby […]


The Easter weekend has come and gone. How the days fly! As I write this thousands are heading home after time away although we have another long weekend coming up and then a bit of a drought in terms of days off. The Royal Wedding adds its own excitement to this week – only the […]