Sacred Space

Every woman should have a special space in her home. No matter how tiny, she has to have it. No discussion. No “yes but”. The end of a bookcase, a small round table. If she is really lucky, a whole room. Mine is an oak desk. We bought it years ago with our round dining room table. It’s supposed to be my writing space (I kind of fancy myself as a writer) but over time, as I have accumulated more “stuff”, space for writing grows less! You look at this table and you will have a sense of who I am. On the wall is the angel of Heaven & Earth that Sanna painted for me. Whirls of colour – delicate pinks, mauves, violets, deeper blues and greens, she sits perched on the world. I remember how envious I was of the angel painting she did for Alex. Bright explosions of fuschia and silver in hers. Funny how we are never satisfied. Then there are the photos of the Temple of the Inner Heart at Temenos in Macgregor that I had framed. How I loved that space sitting bathed in beautiful blue light. Underneath that the poster I made at the Artist’s Way course – Treating Myself Like a Precious Object Will Make Me Strong. My silver coptic cross, a gift from Jan, I think it’s from Ethiopia. Centre stage on the table is the large pewter Buddha Jeannette and the kids brought me back from Thailand. Around his neck is the cord from the spell we did for finding balance in life (hmm, the jury is still out on the success of that one ha ha!) as well as the Buddhist cords from Michael & Tamasine’s wedding down in Robertson that were given to each guest. Various crystals and Ganesh sit around Buddha. There is Mother Mary rubbing shoulders with a glass angel, a Gandolf lookalike and the beautiful glass unicorn Pat gave me. A soap angel from Nan, the fairy Dephne, one of our staff, gave me for my birthday, the fairy Cleo gave me after the crystal workshop I did for Abby and her friends. Mosaic butterfly and mosaic heart with our photos in, both Abby’s handiwork. My divine Fantasia doll Jo and Abby made for my 50th, complete with blue hair and purple cape! The little box filled with “treasures” from Earth Connections in Cornwall. The “wild woman” little circular pot Laina gave me when I became a Reiki Master. My bear shaped azurite crystal that actually sits up like a bear. My velvet bag of sacred objects from my days with the Aquarian Foundation & their logo picture. A little happy Buddha whose tummy is smooth from being rubbed. A clay angel I made and never got around to painting. The little box which holds all the little cards filled with messages from my 50th party, perfect to read through on bad hair days! A dragon, cystals, selenite balls. The two solid silver tea light holders John bought me, other assorted rocks I have collected over time. The mirror Tami made. All have some kind of significance or are connected to people and family I know and love. I won’t even start on the journals, the books, notebools, crayons and paper that fill the drawers!

Yes every woman should have her own space. As I look at the fairy lounging in the aromatherapy candle holder, at Fantasia’s blue hair and purple cloak decked with silver sequins, I see not a varied assortment of stuff – I see love and caring and gifts chosen with great care. I see memories and I remember good times and even though some of these things are cheap, their value to me is beyond money. They hold the intention of the giver, they hold memories of a life that has, until now, been surprisingly varied and full. The table has become a space when I can just be, a space that soothes the soul and quietens the mind. Life is a series of events and happenings, some fleeting, some you try and hold onto as long as you can, trying to grasp each of the strands as they float around you. But they leave and you are left with the memories and this odd assortment of items that, when you look at them, bring a stirring and a warmth to the heart. Looking at that table, which is so much more than a table, it is a tapestry of my life and I suddenly realise how colourful and varied it has been, how loved I have been and how loved I am. For a brief moment I soak up that feeling. I pause from the busyness of life and silently let my gaze touch on each treasured and special item. I feel comforted and content and very blessed. I am grateful for all the experiences of my life that have combined to bring me to this point. It is as if the world stops, holds it breath, while I appreciate all of this. It is so still, apart from the birdsong. Soon I need to get up and get on with life but now, just for this moment, I am at peace.

Yes, every woman should have a special space that is just for her. No matter how tiny, she has to have it.

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