So, doll, I am fascinated by the synchronicity in life. How, when there is something you are meant to get, or understand, the message will be given to you in a myriad of different ways. Lately it has been about letting go. Surrendering. Now I know that many people will see this as a weakness. Maybe it is part of the human psyche to automatically fight back. But there does come a time when letting go, putting down your weapons as it were, is the most powerful and empowering action you can take.  Right now we are living in a world that seems to be embattled wherever you look, sometimes with devastating consequences. From miners in Marikana to opposing political parties; from countries arguing over borders to divorced parents fighting over children and ownership of things. From road rage to Arab Springs, service delivery protests to e-toll court actions – the world literally seems to be at war. We get angry over the slightest thing. It doesn’t take much to rattle our equilibrium or peacefulness. Hah! We are not quite as serene as we would have people believe! There is a wonderful saying – cease the war within and the war without will cease. All wars start with us, the individual. It isn’t a country that starts a war, it’s the people. If there is conflict in your heart, in your home, in your family, you can bet your life there is conflict around you. Now I absolutely agree that life is not about sticking one’s head in the sand and pretending it’s all “OK”. Living in an “airy fairy” spiritual world where you choose to ignore all that is happening. Yes yes yes we know it’s an illusion but we still have to live in this illusion and we wake up every day, feeling depressed, scared, afraid, alone. That’s not an illusion and it is not an illusion to have a gun in your face or to be tied up in your own home and robbed. That’s reality. However, we can choose how we respond. We can choose to allow the intruders to continue to have power over us or we can choose to pick ourselves up and move on. By saying this I am in no way minimising the trauma of such an experience. But I am reminded of Alison Hunter’s story when she was attacked and left for dead. And someone else I met at Lifeline years ago who was attacked and raped in her home. Both of these amazingly brave women said in essence the same thing “They did this to my body. They did not do it to me, my spirit, my soul. I am not going to let them have continued power over me by living in fear or allowing them to dominate my mind.” Both women did the work necessary to heal and then moved on with their lives. They did not perpetuate the hatred and the fear these experiences involved. I am in awe of such amazing strength of character. They put down their weapons and are the stronger for it.


How many battles are you fighting in your life right now? What would happen if you put down your weapons and surrendered? Could you choose peace instead of this? Could you see things differently? Could you set your ego aside (much of our fighting is ego-driven) Could there be another way to oppose injustice instead of using intolerance and hatred which then just creates more intolerance and hatred?


My own personal experience has been that when I allow time for silence – and it only needs to be 10-15 minutes a day – a lot of clarity comes through about certain situations in my life. It is like I am given the opportunity to step back and see a bigger picture. I am choosing more and more to see things differently. And new ways and new paths are being shown to me. Love it!


What we put out into the world we get right back, sometimes in spades! So if life has become a bit chaotic, frazzled, angry then perhaps it is time to seek some silent space and get back to your centre.

What I know is that the “old way” of doing things no longer works. The American public grows weary of the mud-slinging and the dragging up of as much dirt as possible on political candidates – they just want someone who can run the country properly! The media is being taken to task for invasion of privacy, corporations are being sued for abuse of the environment and are facing challenges to the “profit before people” mentality. We are all part of these changes! Yup, little old you and me. Isn’t it funny how we forget about the power of the collective and how we allow ourselves to be bullied, abused, ignored and taken advantage of by the few.


What exciting times we live in! Not for the faint hearted I agree, but never forget that you always have a choice and you can choose to respond rather than react. For me it certainly makes for a more peaceful state of mind, no matter what’s going on around me! Give it a try, what have you got to lose?

Blessings as always.



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