After experiencing a very sleepless night lately I decided the following night not to go to bed early. It’s been a busy time and I found myself wanting to potter around the house, feeling the need to reconnect with it. Hubby had gone off to bed and I didn’t want to watch TV. I decided to wash the dishes instead of leaving them for the next morning. I find dish washing quite therapeutic, hands immersed in warm soapy water. During the day I can gaze out at our beautiful garden, at night when the house is quiet I am alone with my thoughts. Don’t enjoy the drying up and packing away process as much, so left them to drip dry for the next morning. I wandered into the lounge and went to close the windows, which look out onto a large covered deck. The ceiling of the deck is made with thin wooden beams which are a spiders haven. There is a constant battle between our gardener Joseph and said spiders which are large golden orb spiders. Every morning Joe carefully sweeps away all of the webs. And every evening the spiders carefully weave them all over again. We had a house guest once who broke a wine glass on his forehead. He had wandered out onto the deck to enjoy the warm night air, carrying his glass of wine and suddenly walked straight into one of the webs. Without thinking he brought his hand up hard to his forehead to sweep it away (don’t we always fear what’s attached to the web?) Unfortunately it was the hand holding the wine glass. Luckily not too much damage was done, except to his pride maybe.

As I approached the window one of the larger spiders was carefully winding its way down a silken strand towards the deck floor, clearly intent on anchoring the thread there. I watched fascinated as it lowered itself inch by inch, looking for all the world like a multi-armed orchestra conductor, wielding invisible batons as it move down the strands. Or a wizard waving magic wands. Once it reached the floor it took several attempts until the thread was fastened to its satisfaction, then, at a greater speed, it headed back up to the safety of the main web. I looked at all these hanging webs, the threads lit up by the bright wall light, which of course attracts insects which is the reason the spiders are there in the first place! I was amazed not only at the intricacy of them, but how perfectly measured they were, even spacing, perfect lines. In the mornings you can sometimes see long strands of threads reaching from the deck across into the plants. I have visions of abseiling and bungee jumping spiders having great fun in the middle of the night as life slumbers on around them! How else do you explain how they manage to get these fine strands such long distances!

As the spider settled back into its web, task complete, I marvelled at how patiently they just keep doing their work. We break it down, they rebuild it. It was such a slow, painstaking process and it was so engrossing to watch. Almost a meditation with spiders 🙂

I turned and went to sit in the little pink tub chair next to our small altar down stairs. With just the light of a candle burning, I sat. Taking in my home. Feeling deeply grateful for its grace and beauty, its warmth and love. Each item treasured, carrying special memories. I looked around, feeling as though I was seeing my home for the first time. Suddenly I became aware of a sound, almost like music, at that point where you just can’t quite make it out. “It’s the house” I thought. “the house is singing”. And I sat in the silence and the warm dim light, feeling deep gratitude and stillness, listening to the song of my home and I knew that tonight I would sleep well. When did you last really reconnect with the space you inhabit? Joy is in the little things.

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