I recently returned from 10 days in Prince Albert, a small hamlet off the N1 in the Karoo. This was a “proper” holiday. Not visiting family (as much as I adore them, it’s not always a relaxing experience as you try and see as much as possible of each other, it can get very rushed). No quick weekend break. 10 glorious days of sleeping late, reading and doing much of nothing besides drinking in glorious sunsets, moonrises, mountains and desert vistas. Oh and the occasional glass of red wine, good conversation and fine dining 🙂


In Prince Albert people don’t lock their doors when they go out. You walk everywhere in wide, quiet, tree-lined streets. People greet you, smile at you. I realized how relaxed and free I felt. There was a sense of pride in the town and it’s history. There is in fact a Historical Committee, fondly known as the Hysterical Committee due to the fact that they have hysterics any time somebody dares suggest making changes in the town.


I had time to think. No distraction from TV or newspapers. Didn’t have much of an inclination to read either. In these quiet vistas your breathing slows. Your mind quietens. You want more to be than to do. Those wide open expanses seem to draw you back to yourself. Mountains definitely do it for  me. They speak to my soul. Massively impressive, silent sentinels, they certainly put life into perspective as you are dwarfed and awed by their presence.


I began to reflect on my life, where I was and where I was going. A small realization began to bubble to the surface. I  realized I was not always being true to myself. I had moved away from who I was to keep others happy. I was allowing others to influence decisions I had made. No wonder I wasn’t “feeling” any of it!


At the core of my being lies a deep love of the metaphysical, the esoteric, yes the purple smoke. It’s who I am and I make no apology for it.  I realized in those 10 days that I had moved far away from my core.  I had moved away from my Reiki practice and supporting people in their healing journeys.

I had forgotten how much I love empowering people on a heart-to-heart level.


I felt like that sojourn in the little town helped me reconnect with myself. Spirit works in amazing ways and my path crossed with an NLP practitioner who, with a Mini Transformation process helped me redefine who I am and what I want. I love how the Universe works!!


What I know is that my destiny seems to change. I don’t know what lies ahead but I do know that I am where I am meant to be and maybe that’s all I can ask for, right now.  Since returning home I have felt a deeper sense of connection. More in alignment with myself, if that makes any sense. And I cannot help but wonder if the flu has kept me bed bound for nearly 8 days is all part of the process. A clearing out, an integration of some sorts. Who knows?


In Prince Albert I was acutely aware of being present. No distracting “to do” lists, places to be, things to do. How often do we give ourselves the gift of being as opposed to doing?  I now realize not often enough.


It’s something I am committed to changing.


Until Next Time

Blessings as always


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