Being flat on my back with flu for 5 days, I have realized what a luxury it actually is to be able to do that. Go to bed for 5 days and the world continues to turn without me. I am blessed to have a husband who is not only an excellent nurse, but also a dab hand in the kitchen, so I am well looked after. Being bed bound is a good time for reflection and it got me thinking about how our circumstances often dictate that we simply cannot get sick. Single parents with no support system to look after or ferry around children. One man/woman businesses for whom every sick day means income lost. People who work for companies who suck the very soul out of them, expecting them to be at work no matter what. Profit over people and their well being.


I have been working on my own “Flow Experiment” (www.fairygodmotherinc.com for more info).  Living life in flow. Being sick for 5 days forces you to surrender to flow. You cannot control it or dictate to it. The other night, every time I surfaced, the same thought was running through my head. “Stay in the peace of your body” An ongoing mantra. It was just there  in my consciousness. So I did. Instead of focussing on the cough, the aches, the pains, the misery, I focused on peace at a deeper level in my body. Below the surface of the physical discomfort. Stillness. I had the sense that my body would deal with the healing process if I kept focused on the peace. And the healing process did start. I would love to tell you that it was miraculous and I woke up cured, but I didn’t. I did have a great night’s sleep. But somehow I had reached a point of flow and I let go. I could feel the inner shift. As a friend put it, that inner shift is when something “clicks” inside you.  That’s when change happens.


That phrase has stuck with me ever since “stay in the peace of your body”. So often we are at war with our bodies. We criticize them, we hate them, we moan about them. We forget that the body has its own levels of consciousness. We “fight” disease, we carry on a war with the only thing that carries us through life.


So now I’m wondering if this “stay in the peace of your body” can be used in other situations. When facing stress and the challenges of life. Instead of reacting with emotion, being angry etc, instead of sleepless nights replaying conversations and “what if” and “if only”, we stay with the peace of our body. Perhaps thats what flow is. I’m certainly going to give it a try as soon as I get out of this bed!


Stay in the Flow!



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