If there is one thing I have learnt, over the years I have been on this journey, is that we never stop learning. We can never say “OK, I get it now”. Because it is in the very moment that you believe that, that you trip and fall. So when you are meditating/exercising/eating properly daily and congratulating yourself for this great accomplishment and comment on how great it makes you feel, and you get complacent, that suddenly you find you have missed a day, then two days, then three. And – whoops – suddenly you’ve stopped doing it (how did that happen, you find yourself wondering). No matter where you are in your journey, support is needed. Regular, on-going support. Whether it’s a great life coach, or watching videos from inspirational souls (like I am doing at present with Kate Emmerson, or just doing some serious in-depth self analysis, we need to constantly check and ensure we are still aligned with our truth and authentic self. We need to use the tools to keep us on track. I haven’t journalled in weeks. I kept telling myself I was OK, that life was peachy. In fact, there are a number of issues I needed to address, but I chose to ignore them. So it was way easier NOT to journal because that just might open my eyes to a few realities I preferred to ignore! But then, feeling more and more out of sorts, (I have reached a point where I now know when life is taking a downward spiral) I decided to set myself the challenge of a 40-Day Reiki meditation practice. I returned to the one foundation that really started me on this whole journey. Every day I would set aside time for this meditation. And I would journal. Well I am on Day 5 and loving it. There really is nothing like a bit of disciplined action, no matter how small, to kickstart you again. I had forgotten how much I love the candles, the incense, the music and, most importantly, the ME time! It’s gone so well that on most days I’m doing it twice a day, morning and evening. (Yup, the same person who keeps saying she doesn’t have time). Of course I have a long way to go, another 35 days and who knows what will happen. One day a time. Yet already I’m seeing the shifts because through my journalling I am finally acknowledging what isn’t working for me. Now I can do something about it. That works for me, for you it may be something different. Walking. Exercising. A creative pursuit. These are the things that can put us in touch with the deepest part of ourselves.

Sometimes we know, don’t we, deep down, when something is out of whack. Or we are not happy. There is a quiet ripple of disharmony beneath the surface of our life. We would prefer to ignore it because, God forbid, if we acknowledge it then it might bring in its wake…..CHANGE! We would have to change. And being creatures of habit, we prefer things stay the way they are. But even comfort zones become prisons. The thing is, as we evolve on this planet our awareness IS growing of what is out of alignment with our true nature, be it people, places, things, attitudes. And we can’t ignore it. Well we can, for a while, but eventually that gentle whisper that we hear in the quiet moments, when we allow them, becomes ever louder as our Soul nudges us towards an authentic future. Will you heed the call? I know I need to. Starting now. Again πŸ™‚ Join me?


  1. Consistent remembering and “going deeper” to our authentic selves πŸ™‚ And changing it up to deepen the process of living alchemy πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your reflection.

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