Family Life

Have just returned from visitng my Mum, sister and niece down in Hermanus. We spent a hilarious afternoon going through old photos and albums including Mum’s wedding album.
You tend to forget that your parents were young and glamorous once, that they had a life outside
being your Mum and Dad. Dad looked so dashing with his slicked back hair and fancy suits. Mum was slim and trim and beautiful – life together lay before them filled with potential and opportunities. So different from the person I see today. My Mum seems to shrink every time I see her. My sister and I hosed ourselves at our teen pics and we both wondered why we ever thought we were fat! I remember when I was bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding. I absolutely hated my pale blue bridesmaid dress – I thought I looked like an elephant in it and could not wait to get it off. Now when I see this gorgeous, slender, dark haired beauty I could kick myself! Such a waste! I look at holidays of myself in a bikini, long dark hair, tanned, slim – hell, whose legs are those??? What a babe!! Sad that so many women spend so much of their youth criticising and hating their looks, starving themselves and loathing everything about their bodies. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

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