Creating my Reality

My beautiful dog Bella, one of five that we own, sleeps inside these days due to a degenerative hip problem that worsens as she gets older. She is very good about waking me in the night when she needs to go outside for a pee, luckily usually only once in the night! Recently my hubby was away on business and I went out, getting home around 8.00pm. I noticed the dogs were acting a little weird. Not agitated or barking, but they kept looking in one direction and my one big male, Felix, kept sniffing around the steps. Living in the bush I assumed one or other wild animal had been visiting close to the house. When I went inside my cats were also acting a bit odd. When I fed them they kept staring towards the lounge as they ate, jumping if I made a sudden movement or noise. Again I checked around but could find nothing wrong. Shrugging it off I made my own dinner, watched TV (my one night where I can take control of the remote!) and then went to bed. When Bella woke me to let her out, instead of coming straight back in, she started barking. I called her in and we both went back to our beds. As I lay there, this thought came into my mind from nowhere. Attached to nothing. “You are the master manifestor. Create the space you want to live in.” That was it. Nothing more. I lay there, thinking about my animals and their uneasiness. I consciously began to breathe in the peace, and the protection of the Creator and I sent that out into my home and property. I called on Archangel Michael and I could feel things beginning to settle. I went back to sleep.

The following morning when the staff arrived Dinah, my right hand woman and long term housekeeper came upstairs and asked me if I had seen the window in the lounge. The previous night we had an attempted break-in. The window had been forced open and the burglar bars broken off. That’s what had spooked the animals. I must have disturbed them when I arrived home. I went upstairs and sat quietly, thinking back about the “message” I had received. Before I knew about the break-in and long after it had happened. Hubby and I both decided a long time ago not to suck in negativity or fear. But I realized that we also did not consciously create the reality we wanted to live in. It was almost like driving in neutral in a car, you can be pushed in either direction and you don’t really have any control. By not consciously creating the space we wanted to inhabit, we were allowing this kind of thing into our lives. As I always do now, when these kind of situations happen I went to A Course in Miracles and randomly opened the Lessons. It was 255 – This Day I Choose to Spend in Perfect Peace. I was overwhelmed as the realization of the enormity of the gift I had been given, by whoever was here the night before, dawned on me. I was actually able to sit down and say “thank you” to whoever it was. And to the Creator who had shown me what needed fine-tuning. I was also so very grateful that I did not discover it the night before, because I know I would not have slept a wink!!

That’s how our guidance comes sometimes. Quietly, in the dead of night, when you least expect it, with no fanfares or bells and whistles, just a tiny precious thought that reminds you of the magnificence of who you really are.

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