A friend of mine who has just returned from a long weekend away with her two daughters wrote “Back To Reality” on her BBM status. That phrase set me thinking. Are good times, happy times, holiday times not “reality”? Is our reality boring, trivial, uninteresting. Are our holiday/down times some alternate reality that we can only access now and again? We are not meant to be happy in our “real” reality? If we go with the thought that what we think about we bring about, then even just by differentiating between the holiday reality and the one we supposedly live most of the time, we are creating joyful, happy experiences that only happen now and again.This was quite a powerful notion and I am still ppondering on it. Perhaps our greatest challenge lies in accepting it all as “reality” and then embracing that reality in this moment. We can still be peaceful and happy, even in the midst of challenge and trying times. – Yes, we can! 🙂 We choose the way we experience this moment. We can embrace and be grateful for the good health we may be enjoying, or the time at home, food on the table, good friends, the love of another, a warm bed. And we can equally embrace the magical moments of going away on holiday. The “3 more sleeps”, of waking up on the morning of departure, excited and pleased that for a few days we break away from the usual routines of our lives. I have just spent 3 days in Kruger Park and it was blissful, soaking up the peace and beauty of nature, no emails to worry about, no cell phone signal for most of the time. Yet by the end of the 3 days I was looking forward to getting home, because I love my home and my animals. I love the reality of my life (ok, taxis and road hogs do try my patience!) Reality should be wherever we are now and all of our life is our reality. I guess it really does go back to being fully present in THIS moment, as opposed to yearning for things that have happened or things that have still to happen. In this way we can fully experience all that life has to offer and we can find the magic in the moment. As Ram Dass said, Be Here Now. This is the reality. There is nothing else. This is all we have. What are you doing with it? Powerful thought.


Stay Blessed.


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