2012 is upon us! Festive season seems to have whizzed past, as time tends to do these days. I try and read something inspirational daily, preferably early in the morning before my day starts. Don’t always get that part right, but hey, I’m only human after all ūüôā – Robin Sharma, Wayne Dyer, A Course in Miracles are some of the books I dip into. I find that reading something inspirational every day, even if it is just one quote, really helps to keep my spirits uplifted and myself motivated. I also have a journal where I make a note of random questions and thoughts that surface as I read. This morning, in Wayne Dyer’s book “Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life, Living the Wisdom of the Tao” he talks about “allowing” instead of “wanting”. Now I already know that when you constantly “want” something (money, to be slim, success etc) you just get more of……wanting!!! This chapter of the book ties up perfectly with the New Year channelling I listened to on the 31st December, by Angela Deutschmann¬†www.angeladeutschmann.com¬†at the beautiful Boondocks Mountain Lodge & Labyrinth near Barberton,¬†www.boondocks.co.za¬†which was all about what we give ourselves permission for now shows up in our future! Serious!!!! So, if I give myself “permission” to not exercise, eat badly, procrastinate, fear success……you fill in the rest, guess what is going to show up in my future? You got it doll, more of the same!!!!! What a flipping eye-opening shocker that was. My good friend, (brilliant life coach Mel) www.newleafinspirations.co.za¬†¬†¬†and I just stared at each other as the pennies dropped simultaneously!

See there is this thing that happens when you “get it”. We can know on an intellectual level all these truths.¬†But until the body “gets it” these just stay in the mind. It is not just about changing the mindset, it is about changing¬†the vibration of our body!¬†There is¬†literally an internal “click” and suddenly things start changing in our world. We can say affirmations until the cows come home, but until such time as the body “feels” them, they have little effect.

So, here’s a question for you – what are you going to “allow” in your life? More money, better health, loving relationships? If you allow rather than want, surrendering to that allowing, then don’t be surprised when the miracles start happening! Maybe take some time to think about what you are giving permission for in your life now.

You see doll, it really is that simple, we have the power within us to change our life. So stop waiting and start creating! Don’t let the future gobble up all your attention (also from the channelling, love that). So often we come into a new year with major expectations of what it is going to bring, forgetting that we have to actually make a start ourselves.¬†That we have to BE the change we want to see in the world.¬†And the change starts right here, right now.

BTW if you are wondering about all the web addresses in my blog, I really want to share with others the amazing and inspirational people and places that have touched my life in magical ways. Paying it forward!

‘Til next time, stay blessed. Be excited for all that is at your fingertips……


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